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WATS Premium 1.0.58

WATS Premium 1.0.58 is now available. It includes a lot of enhancements like the possibility to reorder custom fields, to use the HTML editor for both submission form and ticket update form in the frontend and also for admins to modify  ticket keys directly in the frontend...


50.000 downloads for WATS!!!

Today, WATS reached a significant milestone. The free release has been download 50.000 times since the first release! WATS is from far the most downloaded WordPress ticket system plugin and the mostly used today. It has regularly evolved during the last 4 years and contains an incredible number...


WATS Premium 1.0.57

WATS Premium 1.0.57 is now available. It includes few bugfixes and enhancements like the possibility to define notification rules for ticket update or to redirect the user to a success page on successfull ticket submission.

WATS Premium 1.0.56

WATS Premium 1.0.56 is now available. New features included :

  • pagination feature for frontend ticket listing (page selection and number of tickets per page)
  • custom field management for drop down selectors in addition to input fields
  • option to turn user drop down selector into text...


Best Web Tool

WATS had the honor to be listed in the Best Web Tool directory of Web Hosting Search. Best Web Tool...


WATS Premium 1.0.55

WATS Premium 1.0.55 is now available! Here are the most significant evolutions :

  • per ticket notification distribution list
  • frontend ticket listing column selection
  • ticket visibility for users of same company
  • internal updates for admins
  • custom field support
  • options page refresh
  • default query for frontend...


WATS Premium 1.0.54

WATS 1.0.54 Premium has just been released. Here is the list of new features :

  • WP 3.1 compatibility
  • XML export of ticket list in frontend ticket listing
  • SLA definition
  • company association to users
  • country association to users
  • ticket update notifications for non registered users
  • ...


WATS Premium 1.0.53

WATS Premium 1.0.53 has just been released. Most significant features added in this release are :

  • rules based notification upon submission of new ticket
  • support of WP 3.0
  • definition of default values for ticket keys
You can see the full changelog here....